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Silicon Industries is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Hydro Sulphide in India. We are manufacturing the Sodium Hydro Sulphide using sophisticated machinery and quality chemicals for the processing the same. The offered Sodium Hydro Sulphide is a yellow chemical compound with the formula NaHS. It has a low melting point of 350째C and obtained by half-neutralization of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) with sodium hydroxide. Sodium Hydro Sulphite is used in various industries like for dying processes and can be reduced into water alkali metal salt. We offer them at a cost effective price.

Application of Sodium Hydro Sulphide

  • For removing hairs from hides
  • Used as a flotation agent in copper mining
  • In the leather industry for de-hairing of hides
  • As a flotation agent in copper mining
  • Mainly in paper manufacture as a makeup chemical for sulfur
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Specification of Sodium Hydro Sulphide

Other Names Sodium Sulfhydrate
Sodium Hydrogen Sulphide
Cas Number 16721-80-5
Molecular Formula NaHS
Molar Mass 56.06271 g/mol
NaHS Content 30% + 1%
FREE Na2S < 0.5%
Iron as Fe Not Over 20 PPM
Appearance Pale Yellow liquid smells like H2S due to Hydrolysis by atmosphere applications.
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